If you’re reading this, it means you’ve just embarked with us on an incredible fact-finding expedition to fill up on road safety information.

This website is your one-stop information shop where knowledge is free! Not only are there loads of cool safety tips, but you can download the Safe Journeys comic filled with activities while you play our awesome Road Safety Game!

Did you know that every day, more than 500 children lose their lives in road accidents globally? Imagine everyone in your school disappearing in one day! That’s a lot of children! The good news is that these deaths can be prevented with the right knowledge.

At Shell, we want to empower children with the information to recognise dangerous situations, identify risks and, most importantly, speak up and take action. Safe Journeys is proudly South African, but draws inspiration from the international United Nations #SaveKidsLives campaign which aims to reduce the number of deaths and injuries among children. Click on the Join the Campaign link at the bottom of the page to add your voice!

One of the ways we’re showing our passionate support for the movement is with the release of the Safe Journeys comics, a series of educational activity booklets that teach children about safety and the rules of the road. We want to give you the skills to become a South African road safety ambassador! That means speaking up if you see someone engaging in reckless behaviour like using a phone while driving, or not using their seatbelt.

Safe Journeys will give you the knowledge, skills and values that enable all pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers and passengers to use the roads safely.

“If it feels unsafe it probably is. Stop what you’re doing and scan for risks and hazards. Be prepared and alert. Use your instincts. SPEAK UP”

This means you’ll be able to recognise and identify risks and hazards, not only looking out for your own safety, but the safety of everyone around you. This ability is key to avoiding harm in any environment.

Remember, your safety and security is a basic requirement and right which forms part of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa! That means it’s the law and, we are proud to say, it’s in line with Shell’s Core Values – honesty, integrity and respect.

It is up to all of us to leave a legacy that will positively influence and protect all children’s lives. Let’s lead by example and actively be a part of this change. Together, we can #SaveKidsLives.

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Safety starts with education. Find out how you can join the campaign and help spread the word.