One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is to reduce the carnage on our roads. And this starts with changing the driver’s behavior and attitudes towards road use.

It is said that a fatal crash happens every 48 minutes in South Africa – resulting in more that 13 800 deaths a year.*  Drivers account for an astonishingly high number of these fatalities. Shell has stepped in with the Shell Safe and Sound campaign that seeks to encourage road-user awareness, especially during the holiday season.  Our campaign is about the little things that end up saving lives on the roads. For example, Buckling up, checking tires, resting when taking long distance trips etc.

As a brand, Shell cares about its customers and promotes road safety education. The Shell Safe & Sound campaign gives drivers tips and tools with which they can enhance their safety on the roads.

We want to embody ‘safety’ as our primary cause - touching all aspects of the Shell brand from internal operations, our staff and of course our consumers.

This is a long-term commitment to South Africa – that highlights safety as a way of life. In the hearts and minds of our customers, we are a caring brand and we want to live up to this promise.

Our campaign includes Online, Above-the-Line communication as well as Below-the-Line elements that work as a reminder of this initiative on our forecourts.

Join us as we work towards getting all drivers to realise that it is only through responsible behavior, that we’ll all get to our destinations and loved ones SAFE and SOUND. 

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Safety starts with education. Find out how you can join the campaign and help spread the word.