In 2009, the Petroleum Agency South Africa (PASA) awarded Shell a Technical Cooperation Permit (TCP) for a one-year study to determine the Karoo’s natural gas potential. This study provided a better understanding of the region’s geology and shale gas potential, establishing a baseline to move forward with the process of pursuing natural gas exploration.

In December 2010, Shell submitted three separate exploration licence applications for areas of around 30,000 square kilometres each. These areas are in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces of South Africa.

As part of the licence application process, PASA requires us to prepare an environmental management plan (EMP).

In line with South African regulations, we are undertaking a series of public consultations, facilitated by independent consultants Golder Associates. The consultation schedule has been published in newspapers and broadcast on radio during the first half of January 2011.

We encourage members of the community who may have questions and concerns to take part in these consultations. We also welcome involvement from those who would like to know more about Shell’s responsible approach to protecting the environment and working with communities.

To find out more about the consultation process, please contact Golder Associates: / 011 254 4805.

PASA will review Shell’s environmental management plan as part of the process to decide whether to grant exploration licences. If these licences are granted, Shell will continue to engage closely with local communities, conduct exhaustive environmental studies and apply for regulatory permits to allow us to move forward with operational activities in the Karoo.

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