Shell has been in South Africa since 1902. We are one of the largest international energy companies in the country with a wide national footprint of service stations that cater for various customer profiles.

We have depots in almost every Province in the country.

We also operate a Durban-based Joint Venture refinery – SAPREF, which constitute 50/50 percent ownership by Shell and BP.

The refinery manufactures a variety of petroleum products including petrol, diesel, paraffin, aviation fuel, liquid petroleum gas, base oil, solvents and marine fuel oil.

A number of businesses make up our downstream operations. Collectively, they turn crude oil into a range of refined products that are moved and marketed around the country for domestic, industrial and transport use. These businesses include:


  • Manufacturing
  • Supply and Distribution
  • Retail
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Bitumen
  • Commercial Fuels and Lubricants – diesel, petrol, paraffin, heavy furnace fuel


At Shell, we believe South Africa has untapped oil and gas potential that will play an increasingly important role in meeting the energy challenge in the future.

With any great opportunity comes great responsibility.  Our global experience with exploration and production of oil and gas means that we are qualified to do the job right – to explore in a safe and careful way.

We are proud to be part of South Africa’s heritage.

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