Our continued commitment to innovation and providing technical support to our customers is evident  by our investment in our world class R&D and solution centers. All products supplied through our network undergo robust quality control and assurance testing to help our customers deliver on their commitments.

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South African Bitumen Grades

Shell Downstream South Africa markets and sells penetration grade bitumen that complies with SANS4001.

Black Rhino

Bitumen storage facility at SAPREF in Durban South African.

Shell Bitumen FreshAir

Our ready-to-use bitumen that can effectively reduce the impact of road paving on air quality as well as neutralise bitumen odour.

About Shell Bitumen

For over 100 years Shell has been a leader in bitumen solutions. That’s why we’re the partner of choice of over 1,800 customers across 52 markets.

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Shell Bitumen Africa

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