Shell Downstream South Africa’s bitumen storage facility in Durban, South African.

The facility called Black Rhino, is based in Durban close to SAPREF, which is a Shell joint venture refinery.

Black Rhino a flexible downstream bitumen storage facility owned by Shell Down Stream South Africa and managed by a 3rd party .Black Rhino contributes to bitumen supply security in South Africa and across the continent.

With this state-of-the-art storage facility, Shell Downstream South Africa expects to add value to our customers’ business by offering on time and constant supply of quality bitumen as well as allowing Shell customers to build their own bitumen stock in facility.

Shell Downstream South Africa has a long history of producing bitumen, offering a variety of grades for multiple applications such as busy roads, bus lanes, airfields, ports and industrial estates. With ongoing refurbishment of infrastructure projects in South Africa, Shell Bitumen is proud to invest in such a project that will help meet the demand for high quality bitumen.