The challenge for farmers¹

  • 68% of farmers prioritise maximising lifespan of existing equipment, yet…

  • 81% say unreliable equipment has led to unexpected costs

  • 63% believe more third-party advice will improve their practices

1Based on a survey with decision making staff from the Agriculture industry, commissioned by Shell and conducted by Edelman Intelligence.

Shell Fuels Distributor Locator in South Africa

Shell Fuels Distributor Locator in South Africa

Branded Distributors are required to comply with an annual audit of their safety standards and business principles. This provides you with peace of mind that you are entrusting your business to a partner that has the same safety, compliance and technical standards as Shell.

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Why choose shell commercial fuels

Fuels innovation

More than 100 years of fuels technology and expertise, delivering the advantages to your business.

Reducing total cost of ownership

Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.


Providing more and cleaner energy solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

What our customers say

I use Shell Diesel on my entire fleet. The quality of the fuel is outstanding, especially on the new generation common rail computerised machinery*.

Mr. BP Greyling, Top Commercial Farmer, South Africa

*Customer statement. As experienced by customer rather than Shell protocols. Compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Customer benefits vary according to type of operations, vehicles, driving conditions and driving style.

Energy for Today and tomorrow

Shell Diesel Extra

Cut operating costs with our most advanced, dual-detergent formulation for heavy-duty engines. Compared to regular diesel, our DYNAFLEX Technology works to clean up the injectors from carbon deposits and prevent further build-up.

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Reliable fuel quality and advice on staff and operations safety, building on our health and safety standards.

Storage and handling

Optimise your fuel usage with best-practice advice and solutions for fuel storage and handling.

Shell fuel technical services

Take advantage of our technical expertise to make the most of your fuel - from product training and operations assessment to tailored energy recommendations.

Lubricants for Agriculture & Farming

Grow your business by partnering with our technical experts and get more efficient lubrication solutions.