Branded Distributors are required to comply with an annual audit of their safety standards and business principles. This provides you with peace of mind that you are entrusting your business to a partner that has the same safety, compliance and technical standards as Shell.

Shells has 10 branded distributors and they are located nationally. Branded distributors are able to offer you Shell Diesel Extra, a quality additivised fuel, which enables your fleet to perform at its best from the first fill.

Shell Diesel Extra, offers you great savings and benefits for your fleet through everyday consumption and long-term repairs through Dual Detergent Dynaflex Technology, anti- foaming while filling and more torque pulling power. By purchasing through a branded distributor, you not only receiving a quality fuel but have access to our experienced technical team.

For more detailed information on the benefits you will experience by purchasing Diesel extra, click here to download Fuel brochure.

Below is a list of approved Shell Branded Distributors of Shell Diesel Extra in South Africa

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More than 100 years of fuels technology and expertise, delivering the advantages to your business.

Reducing total cost of ownership

Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.

Price risk management

Manage your fuel costs in times of volatile energy prices with support from Shell as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world.


Providing more and cleaner energy solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operations.