Smart Transport Manager Training: Sustainability Training for Fleet Managers

Shell Lubricants Solutions and Smart Freight Centre have collaborated to deliver the Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT). This training programme brings together insights from leading industry experts in the freight sector, and will educate fleet managers on how best to lower operational costs, improve efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. Fleet managers that have implemented some of the measures have reported a 5% to 20% fuel efficiency improvement and reduced fleet operating costs.1

Road freight contributes to 62% of logistics GHG emissions*

*Source: ITF Transport Outlook, 2019.

33% are still trying to determine the right path for their company*

*Frost & Sullivan. “Virtual Think Tank: Accelerating Fleets Toward a Sustainable Future.” Frost & Sullivan.

3 in 10 fear implementing new fleet technologies because of uncertainty if they will work*

*Frost & Sullivan. “Virtual Think Tank: Accelerating Fleets Toward a Sustainable Future.” Frost & Sullivan.

Road Transport produces over half of all trade related freight emsisions*

*International Transport Forum. “The Carbon Footprint of Global Trade.” 2015. (accessed September,17, 2020).

20% question how to calculate ROI*

*Frost & Sullivan. “Virtual Think Tank: Accelerating Fleets Toward a Sustainable Future.” Frost & Sullivan.

70% of fleets are committed to forwarding sustainability goals, but only 40% of fleet organisations have a sustainability strategy*

*Frost & Sullivan. “Virtual Think Tank: Accelerating Fleets Toward a Sustainable Future.” Frost & Sullivan.

Plotting a roadmap for reduced road freight emissions

Commercial road transport is the main CO2 emitter in international trade-related transport, producing over half of all trade related freight emissions.2 In order to significantly reduce this figure, in line with international climate agreements and Shell’s own effort to become a net-zero energy supplier by 2050, more needs to be done to support the industry as it navigates through the energy transition.

STMT helps fleet managers strengthen their knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies regarding sustainability, without needing to compromise other essential areas of business performance. All with the goal of creating a more successful and sustainable industry environment.


2 International Transport Forum. “The Carbon Footprint of Global Trade.” 2015. (accessed September 17, 2020).

What does the Smart Transport Manager Training cover?

Offering five modules over three to four hours of online training, STMT covers:

  • Fuels and lubricants:

    How fuel and lubricants choice can influence fuel economy, emissions and costs.

  • Drivers :

    How fleets and drivers can change their behaviour to radically reduce emissions, fuel costs and even maintenance requirements.

  • Vehicles:

    How fleets can maximise utilisation and minimise emissions by choosing exactly the right vehicle type for the task at hand.

  • Performance monitoring:

    How fleets can accurately measure and track their emissions using the right tools and a robust and consistent methodology.

  • Information technology:

    How fleets can reduce their environmental impact and overheads using telematics, onboard monitoring and other technologies.



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