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Unlocking cost savings in construction by upgrading lubrication

Industry Collaboration

Construction industry trends come and go. A good partner won’t. See how we can help you get the most out of your people.

Maximising Your Output

Whether you’re an OEM or a site manager, productivity is paramount. Find out how to unlock new efficiencies by improving your fluid management.

4 Ways to Avoid Construction Delays

Keep your building projects on time and on budget with these innovative construction tips.

Case Study: Martin Marietta

Shell Lubricant Solutions helped construction and aggregates company, Martin Marietta, unlock more than $5.8m of cost savings. See how we managed it.

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Heavy-duty diesel engines

Extract Value from Your Engine Oil

Soot accumulation is a daily hazard on mine sites, leading to oil thickening and abrasive wear. Extended idling only increases the risks, so high-quality synthetic engine oils with the right base oil and additive technology help to maintain performance.

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Hydraulic systems

Don’t Let Conditions Limit Your Hydraulics

The power and efficiency of your hydraulic system can be affected by the extreme temperatures present in mining operations. The right oil with a high viscosity index will reduce your system’s operating temperature and enable optimum hydraulic power.

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Open Gears

Gear Up for Greater Contamination Control

Temperatures, pressures, shock. Open gears are at the mercy of their environment, with contamination posing a significant challenge. Oil must be equipped with the suitable viscosity, pumpability and durability to operate effectively under the most extreme conditions.

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Industrial gearboxes

Grow Your Business with Synthetic Oils

While efficiency has always been king for mine sites, sustainability is a growing consideration. Ineffective gearboxes can contribute to excessive electricity consumption and waste disposal. High-performing synthetic oils can last twice as long, extending your oil-drain intervals and unlocking efficiencies.

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Explore Shell Lubricant Solutions for Construction

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The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency.

Transmission Oils

The Shell Spirax range of axle, gear and automatic transmission lubricants has been developed to provide choice when selecting the right oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations.

Heavy duty engine oils

Our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy-duty diesel engine oils, designed to protect your engine, helping you lower maintenance.

Hydraulic Oils

Advanced hydraulic oils using gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology can help upgrade energy efficiency of construction, manufacturing, or mining operations.

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Health check your oil to keep your machines running.


Wireless telematics solution that helps companies maximise the profitability of off-highway fleets, using Internet of things (IoT) technologies, cloud computing and machine learning to cut fuel, maintenance and rental costs, reduce carbon emission and improve a site’s productivity.