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Case Study: Martin Marietta

Shell Lubricant Solutions delivers millions of dollars of savings to construction and aggregates company, Martin Marietta.


Martin Marietta is a large US-based Construction and Aggregates company, with more than 400 locations across America, Canada and the Caribbean. Specialising in the supply of aggregates and heavy building materials for roadbuilding and residential infrastructure, downtime poses a significant risk to their wide-reaching supply chain.


Shell Lubricant Solutions has worked with Martin Marietta consistently over the past four years to help safeguard and strengthen their operations. Throughout the relationship, Martin Marietta has leveraged Shell’s strong technical expertise and insights-driven services to improve equipment reliability while lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO).

This strong collaboration, and the execution of Shell’s value-led approach, has identified a high number of value improvement projects that have been implemented on site.


  • Across a four-year relationship, Shell has supported on more than 100 Martin Marietta projects, delivering in excess of $5.8m worth of savings From oil condition monitoring to contamination control – and plenty in between – we’ve had the opportunity to provide a breadth of expertise that goes beyond the traditional role of a lubricant supplier.
  • Although 2020 has brought unexpected challenges, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, with Shell Lubricant Solutions providing more than $150k in savings to date.

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