COVID-19: Shell’s response

Summary | Updated, Apr 07, 2020 10:32

Shell South Africa is in full support of the lock down measures to try and contain the pandemic as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 23 March 2020. For this reason, our offices closed from midnight on Thursday 26 March 2020 allowing all staff to work remotely.

Our sector has been categorised as essential for the purpose of supporting the emergency and essential services required for delivery at this critical time. While Shell’s manufacturing and distribution operations will remain open, it is important to note that our operations will not be focused on generating profit. Our supply will therefore be limited and focused on enabling services of saving lives as part of our commitment to national duty. 

As the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic changes day by day, Shell continues to put safety first. We are prioritising safe interactions with our customers, safe working environments for our colleagues and safe practices in the wider communities in which we work. We want to play our part, provide support and keep as many people as possible safe.

We continue to monitor the situation daily and follow the advice of national health authorities. And, given the very dynamic situation, we are in regular contact with our suppliers, customers and partners.

At each operating site and office around the world we have business continuity plans in place to sustain our operations and supply chains, so that we can continue to provide vital energy products to communities, businesses and individuals.

Our forecourts are staying open and helping to keep crucial services such as ambulances, emergency vehicles and deliveries on the roads.

Shell is doing many things to keep our customers, colleagues and communities safe. These include; increasing stocks of sanitation products and other essential goods, social distancing and health monitoring for teams at retail sites.

We are supporting our teams whether they are now working from home, serving customers at retail sites or working at our operations. We are following the advice of local authorities wherever our teams are based. For those working at operating sites, we have put in place additional measures to keep staff healthy.

We also want to help those working on the front line, outside of Shell. In all our retail sites we are providing a snack to healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors, as well as truck drivers and the delivery people who are vital to maintaining supplies. We will also activate our Disaster Relief plans to assist the most impacted communities.

We will continue to focus on keeping our people safe and healthy in every way we can. And we will provide regular updates on our response as the situation develops.

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