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V+ Rewards

Rewards on the Go

South Africa’s simplest and most straightforward Fuel Rewards Programme

The programme where you:

  • Know exactly what you earn (we don’t hide behind complicated points or tiered earning systems).
  • Pay no joining fees, no card fees or monthly membership fee.
  • Where you earn more (Earn 15c per litre of fuel and earn 0.5% on selected products in-store).
  • Where you can spend your cash rewards on anything your heart desires at the pump and in-store.

How it works?

  • Register


    V+ in under 3 minutes!

  • Earn


    Swipe your V+ to earn instant cash rewards on fuel and on selected products in-store.

  • Spend


    Swipe your V+ card and enter your PIN to use your cash back on anything you need at Shell.

More in Loyalty & Payment


Pay at the pump and Go


Simply swipe your V+ card and pay with your Capitec card.

Discovery Insure fuel cash back

With Shell and Vitality Drive, you can get up to 50% of your Shell fuel spend back every month by driving well.