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A Spirit for Learning

Practical learnerships that lead to rewarding careers.

By Shell South Africa on May 31, 2020

It would be natural to reconsider a career choice if you found yourself climbing around a fuel terminal very early on a Free State winter morning, especially when you have a science degree in hand that would guarantee regular working hours in a warm space.

The above didn’t apply, to Masedi Koee whose real desire was to work with the engineering team at Shell. There was very little, including being outdoors in Kroonstad in early midwinter mornings, that was going to deflect her from the learnership programme that would help her realise her career dreams.

After matriculating with the goal of becoming an engineer, Masedi found herself studying for a BSc in Medical Bioscience. However, her heart wasn’t in pursuing this career avenue. She filled some time with community work and then heard about learnerships being offered at Shell – something for which her excellent grades in maths and physics were well–suited.

“Shell is in the business of developing people. They want us to pursue our dreams and do things that will make an impact on the business.”