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By Shell South Africa on May 31, 2020

In 2011, Shell South Africa formed a partnership with Maths Centre to develop the Rally to Numeracy programme teacher training programme which aimed to improve numeracy performance in primary schools in South Africa, and for more learners to take up Mathematics in their later years in school.

The Shell Rally to Numeracy Primary Schools project has been implemented in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Free State and Gauteng Provinces. To date 25 205 number of learners and 617 number of educators have participated in the programme.

Over the course of the partnership, thousands of learners across the country have been empowered and the programme has subsequently been extended in 2017 to include high schools focusing on: Mathematics and Science teacher training, the provision of science equipment and additional classes for learners. Thus far 777 learners have participated in Maths and Physical Science High School Programs in the Gauteng Province.

Although STEM subjects are taught as part of the school curricula, the Maths and Science programmes play a valuable role:

  • Nurture the interest in STEM subjects by providing positive role models;

  • Support young people to get over stumbling blocks on their journey towards tertiary studies in STEM;

  • Enable young people to equip themselves with skills that will position them for jobs of the future.

Mahlatse Mathole is the corporate services manager at The Maths Centre, says “An organisation like ours cannot fulfil its mandate without funding. Shell is one of our long-standing partners. The brand has been with us for quite some time and its support enables us to realise our vision - which is to enable world-class teacher and learner performances in maths and science,” he says.

Peter Motaung, the principal of Edenridge Secondary School echoes Mathole’s sentiments.
“The Shell programme at Edenridge School started in 2017. It has been such a positive experience. We now have more learners choosing to take Science because of this programme.“

Watch here - Maths and Science

Title: Maths and Science

Duration: 2:21 minutes

Description: Shell’s partnerships with Maths Centres to develop the Rally to Numeracy programme teacher training programme which aimed to improve numeracy performance in primary schools in South Africa.

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  • 00:05 Ntobeko Mogadime Country Social Investment Adviser, Shell
  • 00:48 Mahlatse Mathole Corporate Services Manager, Maths Centre
  • 01:12 Peter Motaung Headmaster, Edenridge Secondary School
  • 01:31 Lucky Molaudzi General Manager, Global Road Safety Partnership
  • 01:19 Francina Nyamani Science HOD, Winile Secondary School
  • 01:52 Happiness Sikwahi Matriculant, Winile Secondary School
  • 02:00 Siphelele Shange Matriculant, Winile Secondary School

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1. Ntobeko Mogadime 

Country Social Investment Adviser, Shell

At Shell social investments we have three focus areas: the first being maths and science education, the second being road safety and lastly the third one being youth enterprise development. So Shell, not just locally but globally, we focus on maths and science in terms of community building and the reason is maths and science gives the youth, people, critical skills in terms of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity and those are the skills that we need in a growing environment where we need innovation, we need creative thinking, we need problem solving and we need people with critical thinking skills.that.

2. Mahlatse Mathole

Corporate Services Manager, Maths Center

An organisation like ours cannot really be able to fulfil our mandate without funding as we are a non-profit organisation and Shell is one of our long-standing partners in that they have been with us for quite a reasonable time. They enable us to be able to achieve our vision which is world class performance by both teachers and learners.

3. Peter Motaung

Headmaster, Edenridge Secondary School

The Shell programme started in 2017. The input is so positive to the extent that we have now more learners coming into science stream because of the project that Shell is doing for us.

4. Francina Nyamani

Science HOD, Winile Secondary School

As a science teacher and also as a science HOD, Shell has made a huge difference to me because during the tutoring of those learners, sometimes I attend even with the learners so even if I am a science teacher some of the content you may find that I’m not good at but through Shell, through that class attendance it makes a huge difference to me.

5. Happiness Sikwahi

Matriculant, Winile Secondary School

Every Saturday I go too, and it has helped me. I’ve upgraded from my Maths and Science which is very nice, and it shows that they are doing a very good job.

6. Siphelele Shange

Matriculant, Winile Secondary School

It has taught us a lot of things that we need to be dedicated in our schoolwork so that we can become something better tomorrow and we shouldn’t just aspire to make a living, but we should aspire to make a difference.

7. Happiness Sikwahi

Matriculant, Winile Secondary School

It actually means a lot to me and my family, the school and everyone around me.


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