Keep your kids safe

Keep your kids safe this holiday
  • Make sure younger kids know their surname, home address and your phone number.
  • If you are away on vacation, write the temporary address on a piece of paper and explain to them that they always need to keep it on their person. 
  • Teach them to scream if a stranger tries to grab them.
  • They should know at least one other family member’s number in case of an emergency.
  • Teach kids that if they get lost in a shopping centre they should ask a cashier for help or stand near the registers and wait for you.
  • Teach kids to keep their valuables out of sight and never fight back if someone tries to steal from them. 
  • If they're not good swimmers don't let them out of your sight when they play near the pool or the ocean.
  • Never leave your child alone in a car.
  • Learn first aid and CPR. It could save a life.

Stay safe this holiday

Stay safe this holiday
  • Avoid driving long distances if you’re upset or exhausted.
  • Always carry emergency money with your ID or passport in a money wallet.
  • If you’re travelling abroad invest in medical insurance.
  • If you’re spending the holiday somewhere unfamiliar inspect the area for hazards, like harmful plants or sharp objects.
  • Always have mosquito repellent handy. 
  • Keep your sunscreen, water and a hat handy if it is summer. 
  • Always have a stocked first-aid kit handy. 
  • If you’re celebrating Christmas, inspect electrical decorations for damage and don’t overload electrical outlets.

Car Jamming

Two men locking red car visual

How it works:

  1. The victim parks their car.
  2. They think they are locking the car via remote while walking away.
  3. A criminal blocks the car remote’s signal with a jamming device.
  4. The victim unknowingly leaves their car unlocked.
  5. The criminal gains easy access to the victim’s vehicle.

How to prevent car-jamming:

Luckily, if you’re attentive you won’t be a car-jamming victim. When you press your remote control button, make sure that you hear the beep of your alarm activating and see or hear the locks clicking into place. The best thing you can do is to ALWAYS double-check your car doors to see whether they are actually locked.

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