Most traffic accidents can be avoided if all drivers followed a few basic rules. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t get behind the steering wheel if you’re tired. Only make that phone call or send that text when you’re stopped somewhere safe.

These tips might seem obvious, yet there is a fatal crash almost every 48 minutes in South Africa. If we’re all just a little bit more careful we would all arrive Safe and Sound. 

Is your car roadworthy?

Is your car roadworthy?

To ensure you and your passengers stay Safe and Sound, please check, fix or replace all of the following before you hit the road: 

  • Worn-out tyres
  • Cracked mirrors
  • Perished wiper blades
  • Frayed or torn seatbelt
  • Faulty exhaust system
  • Faulty brakes
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Faulty signal lights or headlights

Road trip checklist

Road trip checklist

Have you packed all of the following?

  • An up-to-date map
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Trash bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Sunscreen
  • First-aid kit
  • Phone charger
  • Torch
  • Spare tyre
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow rope
  • Tyre-changing equipment

Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers

Make sure you have the following numbers on your phone: 

  • Nationwide Emergency Response: 10111 (from any cellphone: 112)
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Fire brigade: 10177
  • Netcare911: 082911
  • ER24: 084124

Plan your route

Plan your route

These are some of our most well-known Shell Ultra Cities. Which one is your favourite? Visit our store locator to find the most convenient station to fill up, stretch your legs and stock up on water and snacks 

Long-distance driving tips

Plan your route
  • Make sure your car is roadworthy before you leave. 
  • Map your route in advance.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Keep an eye on the fuel gauge!
  • Don’t get distracted, stay focused on the road!
  • Keep an up-to-date map handy.
  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers.
  • Avoid driving at night.
  • Be careful of potholes on backroads.
  • Share the driving responsibilities if possible.
  • Always keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 
  • When you get tired, take a break, pull over somewhere safe and stretch your legs.

Keep the kids entertained

Keep the kids entertained in the car
  • Download the Safe Journeys comics! They’re packed with activities. 
  • Listen to audiobooks that the whole family will enjoy.
  • Get educational games or age appropriate movies that can be watched on a tablet or laptop.
  • Pack in sticker and activity books for toddlers.
  • Pack in a white board and eraser that the kids can use to draw, play tic-tac-toe or hangman on. 
  • Create a fun box filled with crayons, pens and colouring books to surprise them with when they get really bored.
  • Research easy car games like “I spy” or “20 questions”.

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