At Shell we have a deep desire to meet the true spirit of Transformation and enable Nation Building.

Our intent is to contribute towards alleviating poverty, minimising unemployment and inequality and ultimately to power the progress of all South Africans.

Shell’s Transformation manifesto:

Transformation. It’s a powerful word, and an even more powerful action. It enables, it empowers, it uplifts and it changes lives.

At Shell, we believe that transformation is the force that will unlock a brighter future for our nation. A future where prosperity is possible for all citizens, and not just a privileged few. A future where social justice and true equality is an everyday reality. A future where understanding, hope and humanity replace bitterness, animosity and fear.

We understand that in order for an economy to grow it has to integrate all of its citizens in a meaningful way.

From simple stations to our great nation, Shell is, and has always been, truly committed to fuelling sustainable progress. We believe that our transformation initiatives must go beyond just our internal operations and into our country’s communities. It is only in this way that all South Africans will be able to envisage a thriving future, not only for themselves but for their children’s children.

Now is the time for each and every South African to embrace our roles as change agents and transformation initiators. To work towards a strong, united nation. To give effect to the South Africa of Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela’s dreams, where our citizens can taste the fruits of democracy and good governance in their everyday lives.

Join us in forging a future that all South Africans can, will and must be proud of.

Our Programmes

Our commitment to Transformation is demonstrated in the projects that we invest in.

Rally to Numeracy

Watch how the learners at Leeu-Gamke Primary School in the Western Cape are now looking forward to their Maths lessons, and why their marks are dramatically improving. Learn more about Rally to Numeracy.

Shell Livewire

Learn more about Thabitha Malinga, owner of Thabie Mobile Spa in Johannesburg, whose small business is thriving through our Livewire Programme. Learn more about our Shell Livewire Programme.

Shell Scholarship Programme

Follow Siphosethu Sota’s journey from studying at a disadvantaged school in a small township to enrolling for a Bachelor of Business Science at the University of Cape Town. Learn more about Shell’s Scholarship Programme.

Rally To Numeracy

Transformation is a business imperative for Shell which is seen as key to addressing the social inequality that exists in South African and for this reason, it sits at the heart of its business with an intent to achieve the true spirit of Transformation.

Rally To Numeracy

More in sustainability

What sustainability means at Shell

For Shell, sustainability means providing essential energy for a growing population, while respecting people, their safety and the environment.


We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of nearby communities.